Interview tips to Ace an Interview

There are many ways to prepare for an interview in order to achieve hiring, and one thing is for sure… we need to prepare to Ace an Interview! So let us see some basic and quick tips to prepare efficiently:

  • Read the job description (jd) carefully and prepare to prove how relevant you are with their main requests (you are basically answering the question: WHY hire YOU?)
  • Prepare to answer the request ‘tell us a few things about yourself’ briefly, with main highlights of your career and academic studies, NOT with the story of your life
  • Look into the company and the role thoroughly, read reviews, talk with people you trust who might know inside stories, prepare well to know them better before you meet them, e.g. visit their stores if they are in the retail business
  • Prepare to ask 1 or 2 questions about them in the interview that will affect your decision to join them when the time comes (significant questions, not just for asking something)
  • Prepare to answer difficult questions – deal with the skeletons in your closet e.g. why you left a company, why you stayed out of market for 1-2 years, honestly and briefly
  • Be prepared to share references/people they can call to ask about your work and your occupational conduct (they are probably going to look into that anyway so why not suggest people you know can give good references about you)
  • Organize your sleep & nutrition so that your body & mind are in good shape for the interview
  • Dress appropriately – according to the organisational setting if the setting has a dress code you know about and might prove your general awareness/good preparation for them

*These tips are basic for an efficient interview preparation. Surely there is more to Ace an Interview! Care to share your views/experience? You may comment through our post at LinkedIn on 8 May 2022 and onwards.

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